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Daniel Pauly will be speaking at GCFI

Love this:

“We are, however, a species that believes in and acts on myths (as evidenced by those that define our tribal, ‘racial’ or religious identity), and I believe that we will get out of the biodiversity crisis we are in only if we embed the fauna and flora around us into a mythology, a shared ethics of the sea, one that could be shared among all people on Earth, and which also could motivate political action (as myths generally do). This, I suggest, has the potential to reach beyond narcissistic consumers in rich countries, the present targets of our ‘market-based’ initiatives. This is where I am now.”  — Daniel Pauly

From: http://www.peopleandplace.net/on_the_wire/2009/4/4/daniel_pauly_toward_a_conservation_ethics_for_the_sea

His talk at GCFI will be about global warming – can’t wait.

still figuring it out

I’m going “live” quickly because I think this Fishers Summit in Venezuela (which we leave for on Saturday!) is so important and I want to talk about what happens at the conference and what it means to the fishers and to all of us who love the Caribbean, the oceans, the planet….

Anyhow, I say this to say: please bear with me. If you have suggestions or resources, by all means please suggest them. Many of you (I hope) are friends from the business and will have thoughts about how to make this blog a better experience and this film a better film. Many of you (I hope) will be fishers and scientists and conservationists who will have suggestions and thoughts and resources I can share here. And anyone at the conference, please chime in – if you are twittering, I am at fisherdoc and am using the hashtag #fishertofisher.

HA!  I sound like I know what I’m talking about – I am so not up on social networking, but I am learning very fast.


Hello world!

It is 8:13pm. Three days until the Fisher’s Summit in Cumana Venezuela. I am only sad that my friends Dalston Samuels and Ashton Williams will not be there. (See the link in Blogroll for A Fisher’s Journey.) Without them, this particular journey of mine and the film we are making to honor the fishers would not be possible.