Daniel Pauly will be speaking at GCFI

Love this:

“We are, however, a species that believes in and acts on myths (as evidenced by those that define our tribal, ‘racial’ or religious identity), and I believe that we will get out of the biodiversity crisis we are in only if we embed the fauna and flora around us into a mythology, a shared ethics of the sea, one that could be shared among all people on Earth, and which also could motivate political action (as myths generally do). This, I suggest, has the potential to reach beyond narcissistic consumers in rich countries, the present targets of our ‘market-based’ initiatives. This is where I am now.”  — Daniel Pauly

From: http://www.peopleandplace.net/on_the_wire/2009/4/4/daniel_pauly_toward_a_conservation_ethics_for_the_sea

His talk at GCFI will be about global warming – can’t wait.


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