Wakeup call

This evening I was looking on the web for the Spanish translation of “wakeup call” to give the hotel operator. In the lobby yesterday I managed to communicate with the staff by pantomiming sleeping, sing songing “bring, bring, bring” and then jumping “awake”. I’m not proud. Pantomiming over the phone, needless to say, doesn’t work.

I report this at all because from my rudimentary, web facilitated effort, the Spanish translation of wakeup call is “llamada despertar”. “Despertar” reminding me of our English “desperate” –

From all that I am hearing at this conference, it seems so appropriate.

With that, I recommend this editorial on Bluefin Tuna fisheries by Terry Gibson, who is also here in Cumana covering the GCFI Conference. A very concrete example of why we need to listen to the artisinal fishermen.


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