Humans evolving?

Saw “Soldiers of Peace” last night, highly recommended. Stories of success and inspiration. Individuals working for peace in situations where peace would seem almost unimaginable.

From the synopsis:
“there’s one very big reason already compelling us to evolve beyond our ancient human impulse to war: the planet. The challenges of global warming confront humankind with an absolute crossroads in our development as a species…The only way to survive is to evolve…”

At its root, Fisher to Fisher is also about how we must evolve and come together for our survival. Our ocean ecosystems are necessary to human life on the planet. We, all of us, have in common with artisinal fishers the need to protect fish stocks and marine ecosystems. They cannot do it without us. Equally, we cannot do it without them. We have a huge stake in working together.

Unfortunately, throughout history, we have not done well in the mutual cooperation and respect department. Especially when it comes to people who we perceive as different. Especially when we do not see those people as wealthy and powerful. (Our perception of wealth and power being another thing that needs to evolve.)

Anyhow, back to the film. Al said to me afterward that the only thing that disappointed him about the film was that there were maybe 15 people in the audience. Including us. Fifteen people does not a movement make.


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