great news, fishers in bahamas work with WWF and others toward sustainable lobster fishery


An excerpt from the press release:
A major campaign involving education, fisheries monitoring and a stock assessment of lobsters has begun with combined efforts coming from the Department of Marine Resources (DMR), the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Bahamas Marine Exporters Association (BMEA), who represent the processors and the fishermen in this endeavor.The goal, to get Marine Stewardship Council Certification.
“I never thought I would have to contemplate the Bahamas without a sustainable lobster fishery, but I am seeing it come to pass right before my eyes. We need to preserve this resource for generations to come. That is why I am supporting this certification effort with every asset I have at my disposal” said Glenn Pritchard, a forty‐year veteran of the lobster industry and President of Tropic Seafood. Pritchard is joined by Mia Isaacs of Heritage Seafood and President of the BMEA who echoed his sentiments and went on to say “MSC certification is essential to preserving the livelihood of thousands of Bahamians…”


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