Seeing the ocean crisis through a fisher’s eyes.

This is a short version of the 11 minute film used by the United Nations Environment Program in the Caribbean. To see the full film and other videos featuring Caribbean fishers visit the fisher to fisher vimeo channel.

My favorite quote from Dalston Samuels, a fisher from Antigua and Barbuda: “Ignorance is more expensive than knowldege, if you allow ignorance to prevail.”

Too many people don’t understand the importance of artisinal fishers to marine conservation — or the importance of fishers as marine conservation stewards, partners, collaborators and educators along with scientists, government officials and NGOs. Dal makes an eloquent case for fisher participation.


Catch Shares = No Shares for the Fisher, an interview with Daniel Pauly

In this video, Dr. Daniel Pauly, a leading fisheries scientist, discusses the problems with catch shares.

I was inspired to post the interview with Dr. Pauly after receiving a petition from the Environmental Defense Fund asking me to push my congresspeople to support catch shares. Had I not had this discussion with Dr. Pauly, I would not have realized how controversial they are. Continue reading