The Film

At Sea Level, a film about Caribbean fisherfolk and the future of the sea

At Sea Level will tell the story Caribbean fisherfolk on the front lines of marine conservation. It will be shown in the Caribbean to educate and inspire. It will be shown to audiences in the U.S. and around the world to educate and inspire us to assume our rightful role — as partners and supporters of the fishers.

Unfortunately, the artisanal fishers who live along vital coastal waters are often portrayed as victims or predators. The truth is that without them, it will be virtually impossible for many marine conservation efforts to succeed.  Local fishers know the waters intimately. They can garner support in their communities for vital actions like creating marine protected areas and no take zones. And they can act to help enforce laws and actually “protect” marine protected areas once in place.

Support for artisanal fishers as leaders of conservation is not a matter of social justice alone. Given the importance of marine ecosystems to the planet, it is a matter of survival for many species including our own.

At Sea Level will use the voice of the fisher and video shot from the fishers’ point of view. It will tell the story of the problems, but also the real solutions and conservation success stories that are happening now.

Fisher to Fisher and At Sea Level are projects of The Ocean Foundation. To find out more or to make a tax deductible contribution through the Ocean Foundation, click here.


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